Flashback: Marty Raybon Still Going Strong

Marty Raybon

Marty Raybon is still making music in 2012.

An article on Billboard had me flashing back about a dozen years this morning.

The article – Marty Raybon Stays Cool Under Pressure – discussed the current career happenings of a country legend.

You don’t remember Marty Raybon? If you listen to country music I have no doubt you’ve heard Marty Raybon. The moment you hear his voice you’ll recognize him. He’s the kind of artist and singer that has a unique sound. There will probably never be another Marty Raybon ever again so it’s good to see that he’s still busy making great music of all kinds.

It turns out that Marty has two albums out right now. The first is a gospel record and the second is a bluegrass album. In the article Marty admitted that it was different to record two albums at the same time, but he was able to find the challenge fulfilling and it’s great to see him so busy and in love with music nearly 20 years after he was at the top of the charts.

By this time you’re probably wondering where you have heard Marty Raybon before. Do you remember the band Shenandoah? They have huge hits back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. If you listen to country radio today you’ll still hear regular airplay for songs like Next To You Next To MeTwo Dozen RosesChurch On Cumberland RoadI Want To Be Loved Like That and a few others. These are country classics and will forever be unique pieces of greatness in country music history.

Marty Raybon is one of the most accomplished artists in country music and my fondest memories of him were actually in 2000 when he came out with a great solo record.

It had been about five years or so since Shenandoah went their separate ways. Marty and the band decided to call it quits. Marty went on in pursuit of a solo career while the band marched on playing their hits and I believe they might still be together after all these years.

It was actually the first (and only) time Raybon would enter the top 75 on the country singles charts. His first single was Cracker Jack Diamond. Now, looking back on 2000 is interesting for me. I was 15 years old for most of the year. Before hitching a ride on the bus to school I would watching CMT every morning. It was my routine and I loved watching the videos. There was a diversity in country music back then just like there is today. It was a transition period where traditionalists like Alan Jackson and George Strait were kind of being pushed aside for newcomers like Rascal Flatts and SheDaisy.

It was a great time in country music and folks like Marty were seeing airtime for their videos. That first video for Cracker Jack Diamond made a mark on me as a kid. It was a sweet story about a little boy that falls in love with a girl and eventually they live their lives together. Another great song and video followed in Searching For The Missing Peace.

Now, I realize I may be one of only a few people that remember these songs, but they had an impact on my life back then. For some reason I still have these memories and that’s the power of country music. You have great artists like Marty Raybon that become part of your life.

It’s great to see Marty still making music. I’m sure there are folks out there that will find new connections to Marty’s new music. Maybe there’s a kid out there waiting for the bus today listening to Marty’s latest album.

Cracker Jack Diamon – Marty Raybon

Searching For The Missing Peace – Marty Raybon

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