Fastest Girl In Town by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Get Your Guns Ready for Miranda Lambert

I’m starting to think that Miranda is actually a little crazy. Some of her songs are just so crazy that they are awesome. When Four The Record came out I was really hoping this song would be a single. I think it’s the best on the entire album.

Fastest Girl In Town – Miranda Lambert

Nobody puts out music like this. Only Miranda Lambert gets away with this and it’s awesome. She’s carved out her own niche in country music and she’s dominating the scene right now. This song is rocking and hard edged and I think people are really going to respond.

I’m listening to Fastest Girl In Town on repeat right now. I’m taking a little longer than usual to write this because I’m enjoying the song so much. It’s about a girl that’s a little crazy. She attracts the boys with her charm and they have some fun, but the fun only lasts for a short time.

The girl takes these guys for a ride and then things spin out of control. She’s a one women wrecking ball of fury. She’s ready to cause a little craziness in the world and people go down that ride with her.

It’s a crazy story for a country song, but I think that’s what makes it amazing. Miranda just doesn’t seem to care what people think of her and now everybody wants to play her music. It kind of works that way in life. When you’re different people will make fun of you and try to pass you off as someone that is too far out in the field to really matter. But if you keep going some people eventually come around and want something from you.

Miranda has stuck with her career and now she’s one of country’s biggest stars. Fastest Girl In Town is another example of her badass attitude and I’m hoping she keeps things going with more songs like this in the future.

We’ll wait for this one to reach the top of the charts first, though.

Get your bullets and your gun ready. This song is about to take off like a shot.

Chart Estimate: #3

CML Points: 84/100

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