Miranda Lambert is Prettier Than You

Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert is back on the country charts with a new single that’s in your face and kicking your ass.

Only Prettierhas the rocking country queen rocking the speakers on your truck with this tune about girls getting into a little argument and stirring up some tempers.

While the lyrics in the song restrain from violence the story of the song is that girls can get into arguments despite saying words that may otherwise appear…nice. A few “bless your hearts” and let’s shake hands are thrown in the mix as Miranda sings about walking about from an argument with someone she doesn’t like, but then she throws in the little jab at the end of the chorus as women do from time to time.

Like most of Miranda’s songs the writing is exceptional. She has a way with words and Only Prettieris another fine example of her talent as a story teller. Miranda is able to write about the things modern women feel and experience in their lives.

My favorite part of the tune is the little wry smile you can picture on Miranda as you listen to the song.

What are your thoughts on Miranda’s new tune?

Will Only Prettierfollow White Liarand The House That Built Meinto the top 3 on the charts?

I sure hope so. Miranda is a superstar in country music and I’m exciting about the direction she’s taking things.

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