You’re All That Matters by Miss Willie Brown

Miss Willie Brown

New on the Scene – Miss Willie Brown

The name confused me. Perhaps it confused you too. Miss Willie Brown is actually a duo. They have a new rocking brand of country and they’re ready to have some fun and rock things a little bit. Check out their debut video. It’s sure to at least make you tap your foot a little bit.

You’re All That Matters To Me – Miss Willie Brown

Miss Willie Brown had me tricked. I don’t think they’re related to Sawyer Brown in anyway. Just kidding. Maybe the girls are doing the same thing the famous country band did. They wanted to get booked more and they thought they would have a better chance with a band name that sounded like a single person. So we’ll see what happens.

Miss Willie Brown has their debut single and video out on ¬†all the channels. The song is fun. It’s about love and life and having someone to share all the good things with. It’s uptempo and easy to sing along with. The track should easily play well this summer for all the folks out there in love.

With first singles acts are just looking to get their names out there a little bit. It’s incredibly difficult to have a huge hit the first time out. People don’t know you and they aren’t willing to accept you into their lives unless you have something really strong.

I think Miss Willie Brown is on the right track, though. This song is different. It’s good. It’s a song that should introduce them to everyone out there watching CMT and listening to the radio. I think their fans should be excited about the future for Miss Willie Brown.

What do you think of the new track?

Chart Estimate: #35

CML Points: 75/100

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