I’ll Keep The Kids by Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry has a new song that touches on a difficult subject.

Divorce is certainly a difficult thing. Unfortunately it seems to happen more often than it should. Nobody ever goes into marriage thinking it will end, but so often it seems like things end badly and the ones that are hurt the most are often the kids.

Montgomery Gentry takes on the topic with their new song and they don’t hold anything back. This is a side of Montgomery Gentry we’ve seen a few times. They’re serious and touching on the emotional side of life. This is a really good song.

I’ll Keep The Kids – Montgomery Gentry

There are levels to this song.

First, we have a guy that’s going through a divorce. Things are obviously over and he’s ready to move on and it certainly sounds like his ex is ready to move on as well. It’s hard not to think this song was co-written by Eddie because of his public divorce over the last couple of years. There has to be a reason they either wrote this track or recorded it.

The guy is going through a list the ex has made for him. He seems to think he’s getting the short end of the stick with all the money and the possessions. There are always two sides to the story in these instances, but what takes this track to a different level is the fact that the guy doesn’t really seem interested in money.

He wants the kids.

The song comes across like the woman doesn’t even have an interest in her kids. Or maybe she does, but her priorities are a little out of order when it comes to breaking up the things that mean the most in their relationship.

Again, there are always two sides, but this is one of those sides. There are levels of emotion in this song. The production is great. The guys put out another great track and it’s hard not seeing them reach the top ten once again for the Average Joe’s Label.

Chart Estimate: #10

CML Points: 85/100

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