Titty’s Beer by Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry

Time for some fun with the boys in MG.

The folks over at Average Joes have their fourth edition of the Mud Digger series out right now. There are some great songs on the collection and it should be another hit.

One of the songs you’ll find on the record is a version of the Colt Ford cult classic¬†Titty’s Beer. This time Montgomery Gentry records it and puts their own MG spin on things.

If you’re ready to have a good laugh check out the video.

Titty’s Beer – Montgomery Gentry

As you probably know the song is pretty tongue-in-cheek. It’s about letting loose and having fun. If that’s not the mood you’re looking for you should probably stay away from this song.

You have to think that Montgomery Gentry has been a great addition to the roster at Average Joes. They fit right in and it’s obvious they have bought into the culture 100 percent. I think it’s great.

Average Joes has been up against a lot of pushback from folks in country music, but they keep making their version of country music. I read an old interview recently where Colt Ford said he didn’t like being called a country rapper. He’s just recording his kind of country music.

I can get on board with that.

His music is fun and enjoying. I think he did a great thing bringing on Troy and Eddie.

I might just watch the video one more time.

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