Dive Bar Beauty Queen by Moonshine Bandits

Moonshine Bandits

It’s another catchy country rap song from the Moonshine Bandits

The Moonshine Bandits continue to make noise in country rap world. The guys have a brand new video out and it once again is getting tons of rotation on YouTube. These guys are legit. They have a huge following. They’re doing something different, but they’ve found an audience for it and the new song is certainly catchy.

Dive Bar Beauty Queen – Moonshine Bandits

This kind of country music isn’t going to win any awards at the CMAs, but that’s not the point. This music is about having a good time and enjoying life. If you take it for what it is then you’re going to have a good time. It’s the kind of song that is all about living for the weekend and having a good time with your buddies.

Now, the song is about exactly what the title is describing. It’s about a girl that loves rock music with a little bit of country mixed in. Some might call it trashy, but get past that and you might find the perfect girl for you. I think the song is good and the video is pretty good too.

Danny Boone of Rehab joins the boys on this song and really brings something catchy to the song. The chorus is really what brings it all together as it does with most rap songs. The guys are doing something different and country rap only continues to grow in popularity. Who knows how long it will be before it’s really taken seriously in the mainstream world.

Until then we can all enjoy songs and videos like this.

CML Points: 79/100

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  1. Rob says

    Who says its not going to win any awards ?? They had one of their songs on CMT go to #1 because of the “Shiner Nation” as we are called stepped up and voted it there

  2. Dayne Shuda says

    That’s a great point, Rob. Fan voted award shows should have these guys on there no problem. The power of the Shiner Nation seems strong.

  3. Kevin McGraw says

    The MOONSHINE BANDITS. What is that sound? Is it Country? Is it Rock? Is it Rap? What is it not? It’s good music and that’s what matters! Breaking barriers and bridging gaps between musical genres, the Moonshine Bandits are cooking up something new in the music world. In a society that labels everyone and everything, many are unsure if they like this new and different sound. A talented blend of Country, Rap, and Rock with American pride from the heart of the blue collar worker and the free spirited outlaw. Listen to a few songs. You might just surprise yourself and like it!
    The power of the Shiner Nation is getting stronger by the day! SFFS SF

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