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Moonshine Bandits

The Moonshine Band have a New Single

Nobody is going to accuse the Moonshine Bandits of being profound. We’ve listened to their music here on CML in the past. You have to go into it with the right mindset. If you’re ready to have fun and enjoy life without taking things too seriously I think you’re going to like their new single. Check it out.

Super Goggles – Moonshine Bandits

Colt Ford and his Average Joe’s label have been pushing the boundaries of country the last couple years. Colt heard the kids in the high school parking lots listening to country and rap. It seemed like a simple idea to combine the two and that’s just what he did. His own music has found a huge fanbase and he discovered that others out there were making country rap too including the Moonshine Bandits.

Super Goggles is not breaking new ground. The song is about hitting the bar of the club or even the honky tonk and having a few drinks. After a while that girl in the corner or that guy in the corner starts looking really good. For the folks that are out on the town for the weekend and just looking for a good time you’ve probably had this happen to you.

The song is certainly not new territory in the music world. Rap has covered this topic before. Hell, even country had it’s own Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On. What is interesting about the Moonshine Bandits is how they have a way with melody. This song is catchy and it’s fun. If you’ve had a few drinks and you’re simply looking for something that will get you moving and shaking on the dance floor then you’ve found the right song.

What do you think of the Moonshine Bandits?

To me it sounds like they have some good songs for those in the right mood and it seems like they have a large fanbase already. Get ready country world the Moonshine Bandits are coming.

CML Points: 75/100

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  1. Chris Porter says

    I had the chance to see the Moonshine Bandits in Denver this year at a small venue. My first thought, why are these guys in a small venue, they are awesome. They are bringing back fun to music, take them on a road trip or a BBQ. I can’t wait for their return to Denver. Their DJ, Chopstiqs, awesome, just awesome!

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