Musta Had A Good Time by Parmalee


New Band Parmalee is ready for the big time

I didn’t realize that Parmalee was the band behind this song until just now. I have heard the song on the radio a few times and people must be liking it because the stations are playing it on regular rotation. The song is certainly catchy and has a different feel than other country songs. Check it out and see what you think.

Musta Had A Good Time – Parmalee

There has always been the good time element in country music. People have always liked to enjoy the weekends and even enjoy the nights during the week. Country folks are hard workers, but they’re also hard partiers and I think that is what Parmalee is driving home with their singleĀ Musta Had A Good Time.

The song is catchy. It’s something you can tap your hand on the steering wheel to as you’re driving around. Maybe you’re even driving on your way to the buddy’s place for a good time yourself. This song will get you in the mood for a good time. Hopefully you don’t take itĀ too far, but even if you do it’s probably alright.

Parmalee reminds me of the band you’ll see playing in the bar that eventually gets their shot at fame. I think it’s great. Every act starts out somewhere. Nobody starts out at the top and it’s great to see guys like this find their sound and find what it takes to have a hit on country radio. For some reason bands haven’t been common in country music, but there have been a few hugely successful bands over the years including Alabama, Diamond Rio, and Rascal Flatts.

Parmalee reminds me more of The Kentucky Headhunters or even Confederate Railroad right now, but with a few more hits like this maybe they’ll move into the bigger company. They certainly have a unique sound and a great new song.

What do you think of it?

Chart Estimate: #15

CML Points: 75/100

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  1. Song Writer says

    This song is AWFUL! With all of the great talent of songwriters and performers, this song should NEVER get ANY air play. IT STINKS! They lyrics and story are STUPID. The only people that would like this song have to be as STUPID as the song itself. Bring back REAL talent with songs that actually tell a story that people will want ot hear. I will change the station whenever this song comes on.

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