Stomp The Fire Out by Payton Rae

Payton Rae

Ready to Play with Fire - Payton Rae

Payton Rae is a new artist to my knowledge. It looks like she’s been busy releasing new songs and videos. She appears right on the edge of hitting the mainstream country world. Check out her latest video offering, Stomp The Fire Out.

Stomp The Fire Out – Payton Rae

It’s interesting to see artists that I remember as new artists now having influence on up and coming artists. I remember when Miranda Lambert was brand new on the show Nashville Star. She had fire and passion and just a few years later she’s one of the biggest stars in country music. Miranda brought emotion back to country music. She brought an edge that wasn’t really there from female artists in the past. It was new and fresh and only a matter of time before others were influenced by her.

I think Payton Rae has a little Miranda Lambert in her and that’s a good thing.

Stomp The Fire Out┬áis about the guys in the past that have burned this poor girl. She’s known better, but has let a few boys burn her. She’s been too trusting of their words and hasn’t paid attention to their actions. I can asure Payton that this just isn’t a girl thing. There are guys out there that fall for the sweet words as well.

But this song is for the girls and that’s great. Payton is ready to take back control of her life and she’s doing the stomping. Any boys that get in her way better watch out because she’s not letting herself fall for it anymore.

There is plenty to like about Payton Rae. She has a great country voice. She seems comfortable in the video and I’m sure people are going to love the song, women especially.

What do you think?

Does the song make you want to kick someone’s ass?

CML Points: 78/100

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  1. Liv says

    I lovely paytons new song stomp the fire out! So many people can relate to her music ecspecialy to girls! She is a,axing and I know she is going to go so far in her singer career! <3

  2. Ebony says

    I love Payton’s new song. She has an amazing voice. Can’t wait to see her take over the world in the future. :)

  3. Rachel says

    I love this song!
    Yes, she does have that Country fire about her, and I’ve been a fan of hers for a very long time now. It’s so great to see her do new things! Thanks for writing this piece about her and the song!

  4. Hannah Conroy says

    I love love love Payton Rae, and this song is INCREDIBLE! I love it so much. Thanks for posting this (:

  5. Stephanie Mason says

    I Love Payton she is amazing:)) she just makes everything perfect!! Stomp the Fire Out Love more then words<3

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