Pills by Tracy Lawrence

This song will make you laugh at yourself.

How many pills do you take each morning?

It seems like everybody is taking pills these days and Tracy Lawrence is the one to address the situation with his aptly titled song Pills.

Pills – Tracy Lawrence

Now, I’ve seen a couple of other reviews for Pills and they were all around the 2 out of 5 star range.

Tracy Lawrence

Thinking About a New Hit Single

2 stars? Are you kidding me?!

This is a great song. Tracy’s voice is as good as ever. The song has been kicking around his collection for a few years, but he finally released the song as a single. I think it could be the one to get Tracy back on the country charts where he belongs.

I’m not sure why folks aren’t more excited about Pills being on country radio. Maybe people aren’t ready to look at themselves and admit they’re taking too many pills. For some things there are other options like eating a little better and doing some exercise.

At the end of the day this song is about laughing at yourself and that’s always easy to do when we’re listening to the truth. I think that’s all Tracy was trying to accomplish with Pills.

I think this track has the catchy country melody people will like. The song has a bit of a controversial edge to it, which always seems important for getting a little publicity. I think it could work out to get Tracy back in the minds of country fans and maybe even introduce him to some new folks out there in the country audience.

Tracy has been trying hard to make things work without a major label. I think he’s making the music he enjoys and really he seems to be trying to get something going so he can launch the careers of other artists. It’s an ambitious goal and it will take a song like Pills to get Tracy back on the charts where he can gain some modern day recognition.

I think this could be one of the better songs of the year.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #40

CML Points: 84/100

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