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Pistol Annies

Pistol Annies Are Takin’ Pills

The Pistol Annies are back with another single. I’m not sure how the record company will promote this song. The last single didn’t really need to top the charts to make the Pistol Annies top sellers. Their records and songs are selling and the tickets are selling as well. These girls are part of the new movement in music that doesn’t need the charts. There are plenty of other ways to gain attention and to make money.

Check out Takin’ Pills.

Takin’ Pills – Pistol Annies

Takin’ Pills is an interesting song. It’s about the folks out there that need to take pills for various life situations. Some need pills for bodily issues while others are just trying to get to sleep or to get by in life. It’s an interesting world we live in when pills drive much of what we do.

Now the Pistol Annies aren’t really afraid to take on any subject. I’m sure this song won’t get much play on the radio, but there are plenty of folks out there to download this track and play it over and over. That’s what really matters to the folks in country music fandom.

The song itself has a good melody. You can sing along and smile as you listen to the story of those crazy people out there taking pills just to get by in life. Really the song kind of makes fun of us all. The girls aren’t poking fun at anyone. They’re talking about all the vices we all seem to need to get by in life. They understand that they’re no different. It’s an interesting perspective and one that let’s this song work.

What do ou think of the new song?

I think it’s going to be a hit, but not the way you traditionally think.

Chart Estimate: #45

CML Points: 86/100

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