Red by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Red Review

Although Taylor is young, she has had to grow up quickly to keep pace with the seriousness of her career.

Whenever Taylor Swift comes out with something new, there’s always the eye-rolling assumption that she’s going to be making very raw and public confessions in her songs about her failed romances, and the painful lessons learned therein.

And indeed, that’s exactly what she’s given us again with Red, but what makes this album not like her others is that she has harnessed an almost incredible songwriting maturity given her twenty-two years, to the point where she’s even earned herself comparisons to some of the greatest female songwriters of the twentieth century.

Although Taylor is young, she has had to grow up quickly to keep pace with the seriousness of her career. Not many people her age have had so many experiences, both in and out of the romance department, and as one of the music industry’s most beautiful women, Taylor has certainly had her share of attention.

This has led to an intense ride through all the ups and downs of fame and fortune, and of course the romantic troubles that come along with the Hollywood lifestyle. That she remains so true to her own emotions, even in public, is a credit to her, and the strong way in which this comes across in her latest set of songs is less like teenaged drama and more like the trials of a young woman who has rocketed into the adult world with tremendous acceleration.

In short, these songs are everything you would expect from the color red: fire, passion, frustration, love, heartache, and jubilance. Taylor has said herself that she associates red with strong emotion, and that her experiences over the past two years have been marked by extremes in all directions.

Now that the album has been certified Double Platinum and has topped the charts around the world, it doesn’t look like life is going to slow down for Taylor. At the pace she’s going, by the time she’s thirty years old she’ll be one of the most well-establish artists not only in country music, but in the world of country-pop crossover, as well. If the songs on Red are any indication, we’ll have many other great albums to look forward to, but for now it’s enough just to let these songs sink in and permeate the soul.


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