Ain’t Goin’ Out That Way by Sawyer Brown

Sawyer Brown That Way

Sawyer Brown isn’t going out that way.

Sawyer Brown has been one of my favorite country bands since I started listening to country music. It’s probably been 20 years worth of Sawyer Brown for me. They’ve been around for nearly 30 years and they still put on one of the greatest live shows you’ll ever see. They’re heading back through my hometown this summer and there’s no way I’ll miss it.

Anyway, Sawyer Brown self-released an album about a year or so ago and even a few singles. It turns out I missed this last one and I was happy to find it recently on YouTube. Check it out.

Ain’t Goin’ Out That Way – Sawyer Brown

The surprising thing about this song is how well it would sound on today’s country radio. Sawyer Brown was always ahead of their time. The guys have always had this country rock with a little country pop sound. It’s been nothing like anything else for 30 years and the guys still know how to find a great song. This one is no different.

From what I gather the song is about living like you’re going to die. Some people will party and really live a crazy life. Some go nuts and think about dying and others just get through.

Life is not something to get through. Life is something to enjoy. I think that’s what the song is about. It’s about getting as much love and enjoyment out of it before it’s all gone.

It’s a great song and really that’s not surprising from these guys. They are the best.

It’s the best song from 2012 you never heard.

CML Points: 84/100

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