Sober By Little Big Town

Little Big Town

I think everyone in life wants to feel this kind of drunk.

Little Big Town has had an up and down career.

They’ve had huge hits on radio followed by songs that haven’t done so well. They came back last year with Pontoon and followed it up with another smash hit in Tornado. Now I think they’re releasing the best song off their last record.

Sober – Little Big Town

The song is about being or feeling drunk, but not from drink or drug. It’s about that feeling you get when you’re in love with the person you care about most in the world. You spend all your time with them and whenever you’re together it makes you feel amazing.

It’s an interesting lyric. It’s not the first time feeling drunk has been compared to love, but I think Little Big Town has pulled it off in a new and fresh way.

What you always get with Little Big Town is a unique sound. That’s what makes this song really special. You get those four voices together and it becomes something you don’t get in country music anywhere else. It’s really great.

I think people are going to connect with this song. It has a pleasant melody and it makes you feel good when you listen to it.

It’s going to be a hit.

Don’t you think?

Chart Estimate: #3

CML Points: 88/100

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