Spread The Love by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney

Another great island tribute from Kenny Chesney.

It’s no secret at this point that Kenny Chesney loves the island life.

This time he gets to play tribute to Bob Marley by playing with The Wailers.

Check out the new video.

Spread The Love – Kenny Chesney

The whole movement from the islands is about spreading the love. It’s about realizing that everyone out there has love to give. Everyone has something to give to the world. There is no reason for fighting.

It might sound a little mushy, but it’s a peaceful life if you can forgive, tolerate and spread the love around. I think that’s one of the reasons Kenny wanted to share this song with his fans. Plus he gets to play with The Wailers, which I’m sure was a huge thrill.

You don’t hear this kind of song in country very often. It’s very much an island song even for Kenny. He’s the man when it comes to blending this genre with his form of country music.

It’s another good song. I’m sure it’ll be a pretty solid hit for Kenny. The man has proven that he can really do any type of song and have success. And with the success this song has the proceeds will go to charity.

That’s spreading the love.

CML Points: 83/100

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