Steve Azar is on the Hard Road

It’s great to have Steve Azar back on radio.

Steve Azar Slide On Over HereLast year Steve was able to pull off quite comeback when his single Sunshine made it all the way to #27 on the country singles charts. It had been eight years since Steve was in the top 30 and it was great to see such a talented and unique singer back in the spotlight. Now Steve looks to keep the momentum going with a new single from his latest album in 2011.

Hard Road is the new single. It’s from Slide On Over Here and actually contains the line that named the song. Steve’s same gravel voice is in the forefront here with some soothing, groovy backing music.

Hard Road is about two people together taking the hard road together in life. Life isn’t easy and even for lovers it can be difficult sometimes or even most of the time. It’s all about the road and the journey though as you both fight and work hard to get where you both want to go.

In Hard Road Steve sings about sitting in the car with his woman. They turn up the radio and enjoy the road even if it has a few bumps. Under the surface this song is about hope and passion – passion for succeeding in life despite all that’s going on.

In life there will be people and circumstances that don’t want you to succeed. The people that take the hard road are usually the ones that find themselves coming out successful on the other side.

And when you have someone to take the road with it can be an even better ride.

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