The Top 10 Summer Songs of 2012

Sunset Lake

The sun is setting on the Summer of 2012

It’s Labor Day and it’s the last chance for many of us to enjoy the nice summer weather.

Kids are heading back to school. Fall weather is setting in. Football is back in the air. It’s the unofficial end of summer across the US and looking back I’d have to say it was a pretty good summer for country music.

Since I’m in the summer mood for one more weekend I thought we should look back on the top songs from the Summer of 2012.

Bonus: Ok. I couldn’t figure out the top 10. I had to go with the top 15.

15. No Better Than This – JB and the Moonshine Band

This track makes me feel like just kicking back and enjoying life. It’s a great song.

14. Things You Can’t Do In A Car – Due West

The melody on this track is really cool. There isn’t a song like it on radio right now. Raise your hands if you’ve spent some time this summer on the tailgate of a truck? Summer is about trucks. That’s just the way it is.

13. Something To Do With My Hands – Thomas Rhett

It’s just a good time fun song. Thomas Rhett is on a roll and I’m hoping he can keep it going with his next few singles.

12. Kick It In The Sticks – Brantley Gilbert

I actually surprised myself by not putting this higher up on the chart because it’s a great song. It really gets your blood flowing.

11. Endless Summer – Aaron Lewis

It’s the only song that actually has “summer” in the title, but it’s a little different. It’s about a guy enjoying time with his family. It’s about all those little moments.

10. Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

Where did these guys come from? I’ve heard the songs on their EP and these guys have come out of nowhere, but people are loving this debut single right now. They’re different and they really have a shot at being something huge.

9. I Don’t Want This Night To End – Luke Bryan

This is the ultimate summer love song. You meet that girl at the backwoods party and you can’t get her out of your head once the night is over. Great track. Luke Bryan is a superstar.

8. 5-1-5-0 – Dierks Bentley

It’s not a serious song and it’s not going to win any awards, but Dierks knows how to churn out a catchy summer hit. Try not singing along with the chorus. Go ahead and try.

7. Why Ya Wanna – Jana Kramer

At least in sound we get pretty close to the summer/fall song that rocked the country world in 1996 – Strawberry Wine. I don’t think we’ll ever have a song quiet like that, but Why Ya Wanna really reminds me of that Deana Carter track. Jana Kramer is bringing the emotion back to country.

6. The One That Got Away – Jake Owen

Jake keeps things rolling his way with this track. It’s catchy and fun and it’s about a summer fling. It doesn’t get more summer than this track.

5. Beer Money – Kip Moore

It really is about the simple things in life. Sometimes it’s all about getting your girl and a little beer money. That’s all it takes to have an entertaining summer night in the country.

4. Fastest Girl In Town – Miranda Lambert

How many women out there love this track? Miranda Lambert kicks ass once again and proves why she’s the best in the game right now.

3. Take A Little Ride – Jason Aldean

It’s not my favorite Jason Aldean song, but it’s growing on me. This one is rocking and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Just kick back and enjoy the ride because Jason is on a roll.

2. Come Over – Kenny Chesney

This is such a great song. From the opening melody you can tell that Kenny is back to trying new things. I felt he struggled with Feel Like a Rockstar, but he really came back strong with this track. It’s a great song for summer. We all have those summer flings where we can’t help, but think of getting that person to come over just for one more night together.

1. Pontoon – Little Big Town

I don’t think there’s a question about the number one country summer song of 2012. It’s Pontoon by Little Big Town. If you spent time on the lake on a pontoon this summer you were living the life. There really is nothing better than chilling with friends and moving about 3 miles per hour on the water. It’s great and it’s summer through and through.

Did I miss your favorite? Share it in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it.

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