New Song – For The Summertime – Lacy Green

You probably haven’t heard of Lacy Green…just yet.

From her biography is looks like Lacy has been dreaming of country stardom for a long time. She began work on her debut set of songs since her college days. She has her debut single out at radio now and it’s a good one.

Listen to For The Summertime by Lacy Green…

For The Summertime – Lacy Green

This songs reminds me of the Strawberry Wine debut from Deana Carter. For The Summertime has the innocent vocals. It has the story about a boy from the summer just a few years ago.

Lacy GreenIt seems for women there is always the story about the summertime boy. And while the memories all have their unique aspects, when a song like this comes out it seems like everybody can put themselves in the song. That’s something I love about country music. People can put themselves and their situations in songs and completely relate. I’m not sure how it works, but it does and it makes for great country songs.

If it were up to me For The Summertime by Lacy Green would be getting tons of radio play. She’s on an independent label and the odds are long, but I hope she can keep getting notice on the web with country fans. The song is too good to be looked over by the general country audience.

Lacy’s voice is great. It’s got a little bit of rasp, but not too much. It has just the right amount of power behind the words. It’s hard to explain, but she sings powerful while still sounding like she’s softly telling you the story of her summertime boy.

For The Summertime is a great song.

What are your thoughts?

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