Concrete by Sunny Sweeney Album Review

Sunny Sweeney has been around country circles for some time.

Concrete Album CoverShe actually released an album back in 2007 for Big Machine. That’s one of the most successful record labels in the last five years. Combining a great artist with a great label and things should surely work out, right? That didn’t happen, though, and Sunny was out on the street after a few singles.

In 2010, Sunny was back with a new single – From A Table Away – on a new label. The single took off. People really connected to Sunny’s unique sound. The song also had an interesting perspective on what it’s like to be the other woman in a cheating relationship. It was original and so was Sunny.

Not since Deana Carter have I heard a female act sound this country. Sunny has this great quality about her. She’s able to sound like she’s singing in a barroom back in the ’60s while still sounding modern and connecting with the current country audience. It’s a great thing and something I’m really liking.

Sunny’s moving on to her third single now and I think it’s going to be a good one.

Check out the entire album and share your own thoughts in the comments. Let me know if my interpretation is right or wrong.

Concrete by Sunny Sweeney Review

Overall, Concrete is a great record that flashes back to classic country. For me, I can stop thinking this album could have been released in the early ’90s. There’s a cool feeling about Sunny. She sounds like she’s really lived each of these songs. It’s easy to believe every word she’s singing about. She’s telling stories and women and men in the country audience are shaking their heads in agreement.

I don’t know if Concrete will find any award nominations, but it would have my vote for one of the best ten country albums of 2011.

1. Drink Myself Single

The album gets off to a really rocking start. If you haven’t heard more than her debut single you’ll get a real welcome to Sunny Sweeney. She’s ready to drink herself single tonight. Her man is out tearing around and she’s had enough. She’s going to have some fun herself and all bets are off. Watch out guys. Treat your woman right or they might follow your lead and hit the bars and the clubs. Pretty soon you’ll both be drinking until you’re single. This is also the third single from the record and I really think it could take off. It’s like a Miranda Lambert song. I like to pick favorite songs on each of these album reviews and I have to go with the opening track on this one.

2. From A Table Away

I’m going to call it her debut single even though she had a some earlier music. Let’s call From A Table Away Sunny’s big break on the country charts. The song reached the top ten in 2010 and 2011. It’s a song about being the “other woman” in the relationship with a man. It’s a sad song. Sunny plays the part of the woman that gets to see the guy go back to his girlfriend or wife. It’s a bad situation. It’s hard not to feel bad for her. It’s a great perspective on how the other woman often feels. This is classic country to me. I love this kind of stuff.

3. Staying’s Worse Than Leaving

The second single from the album was a top 40 hit. The song is really good. I’m a little surprised it didn’t make it higher up on the charts. It’s got a good melody. It’s catchy. The lyrics have to do with bad relationships. Sometimes you get so caught up in the motions of things you stay a little too long. Finally you come to the realization that it’s better to leave and put up with that pain in the short-term.

4. The Old Me

Something I’m really liking on this record is the uptempo beats. For the most part there is some attitude in these songs. Sunny is on the edge once again in The Old Me. The cops are even called up in this song. Sunny is playing the part of a former partier. Her friend keeps coming around and trying to get Sunny in trouble. And it turns out that the trouble maker was actually the old Sunny. Now that’s a great twist on a song. I love it in fact. I think it’s great. We all have that little wild side especially when we’re younger. We grow up though and the old me goes away. Great song.

5. Amy

Sunny’s voice is amazing. The country twang is there. It’s great. She’s refreshingly classic with some modern twists. In this song it’s a classic country theme – heartache and leaving. In this song, though, Sunny is playing the other woman again. She was the woman the man left the other woman for. Now things are getting complicated again and it might be back to the old relationship for Amy and the man. And all the narrator can do is hope they have the best life, but boy…if Amy doesn’t treat him right she’ll be hearing from the narrator.

6. Worn Out Heart

Another great music intro on this song. I’m hooked from the opening beat. And there is this really unique quality in Sunny’s vocals. She’s got experience in her voice. I believe everything in her voice. Everything she sings about is something I trust and believe. In this song the woman has been wronged in the past, but no man can wear out her worn out heart. She’s been down too many times and nothing is going to keep her down. She may be worn out, but she’s ready to go on with her life and it’s not with the former love.

7. Mean As You

Sunny must have had some interesting guys in her life. She didn’t write Mean As You, but there is truth in her voice. The narrator in the song has been hurt by some guy. It’s emotional scars and all the damage that goes along with a bad relationship. Now she’s over it and moving on. She doesn’t think about him anymore. She just wants him to know all the pain he caused and there is nobody out there meaner than her. She might give a little back to him, though.

8. It Wrecks Me

Every song on this record is interesting. Right from the opening music this song has me captured. It reminds me of the Did I Shave My Legs For This? record. It has a rootsy feel with plenty of emotion to go around for 10 people. There seem to have been some broken hearts in Sunny’s life. She claims in this song it was the first and if that’s true she sure knows how to put down the emotions. In the end she can’t do without this guy. She knows it’s wrong. She knows the situation will just wreck her, but she can’t stay away. She’s hanging on to the slim chance that they’ll work out in the end.

9. Helluva Heart

There’s more wrong-doing going on in this song. Sunny is laying out her feelings to the man that did her wrong. He must have one hell of a heart to burn her like that. She gave him everything and he threw it all away. What more does a person have to do? Nobody deserves someone mean. It happens sometimes I guess.

10. Fall For Me

Instantly I think of Kenny Chesney’s Somewhere With You. The song is different, though, and in a good way. I love Sunny’s voice on this track. It’s really something unique and special. I can’t get enough. She’s trying to get a guy to fall for her. It’s an interesting perspective for a song. The mood is even more unique. I haven’t really heard many songs like this. Sometimes you want someone to fall for you even if you know it might be the wrong thing.

There’s no doubt when it comes to falling for this record, though. It’s great. If you like a little classic country in your modern music you’ll love this album.

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