Power of a Love Song by Tate Stevens

Tate Stevens Love Song

The much anticipated first single from Tate Stevens is pretty good.

This is the first I’d heard of Tate Stevens.

I realize now that he’s already pretty famous for appearing and doing quite well onĀ The X Factor. So I’m a little out of the game with Tate Stevens, but I’ll tell you what I think about his first singleĀ Power Of A Love Song.

Power Of A Love Song – Tate Stevens

This is a safe first single. Tate isn’t taking any risks by releasing this song. What the song really has going for it is a great melody and the powerful vocals of this new country artist. There is real depth there and I can hear what people loved about this guy. He has the kind of voice that could stick around for quite a few years.

He actually reminds me of the country singer Jeff Bates. You might remember that Jeff had a few hits about 8-10 years and still releases music today. That’s how I think Tate sounds like.

The song is pretty good. It’s a love song with pretty familiar lyrics although this one is uniquely about love songs. It’s good.

My guess is this song will debut at or near number one on the charts. Billboard has changed things up so sales are counted for the Country Singles charts. I think this will be a hit there and maybe a lesser hit on the Airplay chart. I could be wrong on that. You’ll have to let me know if I’m way off base.

What do you think of this first single?

Chart Estimate: #1

CML Points: 79/100

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  1. Elwood says

    I seen this guy on a talent show and he has the right stuff to be a country star. Not only his singing, but he seems to be a genuinely country boy, with a good family.

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