#TBT: Christmas Carol by Skip Ewing

Skip Ewing

One of the best Christmas songs ever.

There are some Christmas songs that you’ll hear every year without fail.

This is one of those songs. It’s a classic country Christmas song from Skip Ewing.

Christmas Carol – Skip Ewing

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Skip Ewing had his run of hits. He had a handful of songs on the charts including a few bit hits. Some will remember those songs, but every year Skip comes back into the frame for good when his classic Christmas Carol is played.

I don’t know why this song has been such a favorite over the years. It’s the original story of an orphan that gets her wish to find a family in time for Christmas one year. It has to be the story that connects so much with fans. And it also have to be the great job Skip does with the song. It’s one of the best Christmas songs you’ll ever hear from a story and melody standpoint.

I think it’s pretty cool that country artists can have hits with Christmas songs. These tracks are played every year around this time. Some new classics come out every year, but you always hear a bunch of songs that are decades old including this one.

I always look forward to hearing it again.

I’m not even sure when it originally was released. I can see that’s it’s charted in ’96, ’98 and again in ’00. I’m surprised it hasn’t charted more. It’s got to be a favorite of a few people out there.

Is it one of your favorites?

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