Tongue Tied by The G Brothers

The G Brothers Tongue Tied

Sometimes a new song really makes you pay attention.

Every once in a while you hear something that makes you stop and really pay attention.

We all listen to country music. We love it and we sing along with lots of songs, but sometimes there are just some crazy things that show up on the speakers and it sounds different.

That’s what happened to be with The G Brothers. They have a new song out and it’s something you should hear.

Tongue Tied – The G Brothers

The G Brothers – Tongue Tied

From just a song standpoint this is probably nothing you haven’t heard before. It’s about young love. It’s a sweet song about a young kid that’s getting a few butterflies about talking to a girl. It’s sweet.

Here’s the interesting thing. The G Brothers are 14 and 11 year old brothers. Well, they’re right around that age. But the age is only important in the sense that they’re actually singing about what’s affecting them right now in life.

I always appreciated that in country music. The artists sing about what’s happening to them in life right now. It’s more believable that way and The G Brothers pull this song off really well.

Now, from another standpoint the song is really good. In fact I think the melody is really good. I was listening to this a few times over the weekend and I caught myself singing the chorus under my breath.

That only happens with songs that have great melodies. That is how hits are made.

I’m not sure if this will be the first big hit for these guys, but you have to believe they will have a career in country music.

Billy Gilman, Tanya Tucker, Bryan White, LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes.

Age doesn’t matter much in country music. Fans love good music.

The G Brothers are good music.

CML Points: 83/100

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