Beer With Jesus by Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett

It sounds like a bit hit for Thomas Rhett

I’ll admit that this track isn’t my favorite from Thomas Rhett. It’s a little different from his others, but overall on his debut EP there is a good mix of songs. You can tell he’s just singing about being a young kid looking to have a good time while still being aware of what’s happening in life – the good and the bad.

Beer With Jesus – Thomas Rhett

Based on lyrical content I would say this track is probably going to the top ten, which is good because Thomas Rhett is really talented. I think the song will find a large audience. There are plenty of good folks out there that will love this track. It’s different and it’s something people are really going to like.

What I like about the song is the melody. It’s catchy and even though it’s a little slower than you might expect from TR it’s a good song.

This song is one I can see the entire country fanbase singing along whether they’re just sitting around at home along or at a concert or listening with the one they love while riding in the truck. It’s a song that’s easy to sing along with and that’s always one of the things I look for in a hit song.

Thomas Rhett’s career is off to a great start. I thought maybe the label stopped promoting his first single a little soon, but they must feel they have a smash hit on their hands with this track. I would tend to agree with that, but I am still not entirely sold. We’ll have to see how it does.

One thing is for sure and that’s that Thomas Rhett is on to something here. There are some great tracks on his debut EP and I’m sure he’s on the way to having some bib hits.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #10

CML Points: 75/100

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