Artist Outlook 2011: Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawTim McGraw is at a crossroads.

The budding film star and country music superstar has reached a point in his career where a few changes are in order. In the past few years Tim’s music career has been in a slight decline or perhaps simply flat while his acting career has been on the fast rise.

Starting around 2007 Tim’s music started to stumble on the charts. He has still racked up a few top hits in these past few years but he’s had open arguments with his label as they released a confusing set of greatest hits much to Tim’s displeasure. Shortly after that we were able to get fresh music from Tim and he didn’t disappoint. The confusing part was there were only one top ten hit – Southern Voice – which was helped along by Tim’s appearance in the hit movie The Blind Side in 2009.

While Tim’s hit making ability has been sporadic over the last few years he’s been involved steadily in hit movies during the same period. Appearances in The Kingdom, Flicka, Friday Night Lights, Four Christmases, The Blind Side, and the upcoming Country Strong have given Tim an impressive resume. He seems to find the time between touring and recording to appear in the movies. It looks like he usually is busy filming around the January through March time the last couple years.

Tim had an up and down 2010. The Blind Side won some awards early in the year and his hit Southern Voice went #1 on the charts and saw big play all year long. He recently had a big hit with Felt Good On My Lips. The album of number one hits didn’t make much noise on the charts, which was unusual for Tim.

Things are at a crossroads as Tim heads into 2011 yet it would seem unwise to bet against him in 2011 – film and music work.

Tim McGraw in 2011

It’s tough right now to see what will come from Tim McGraw in the music world in 2011. He’s coming off a smash hit single, but the collection of number one hits that coincided with the hit song didn’t perform as well as many thought it would.

Tim’s music has been in demand for 15 years and it’s hard to see things changing much in 2011. All of Tim’s studio sets have been strong start to finish. It appears as if he’s due for another one soon in 2011. The label moved on to the latest collection of past hits. I’m wondering if fans have been left a little confused.

Past studio albums of Tim’s have always had 4 to 6 singles yet the latest Southern Voice only had three released singles. Perhaps the label will go back and release a couple more songs from the album – there are some strong songs on there – but it would be strange especially after releasing new material on the Number Ones album.

My bet is we’ll see a fresh set of music from Tim by the end of 2011 and probably sooner than later. The man is simply driven to succeed and when things don’t go according to plan he usually takes over control and turns out some great things. He puts up with the power over him for only so long before he steps in and says, “Here is how we’re going to do things”. This is exactly what happened early in his career and the result was a mega-selling, award winning album Not A Moment Too Soon.

It’s a bold prediction, but I think we’ll see an album like that in 2011 from Tim McGraw.


There are a few upcoming projects from Tim in the acting side of things.

Right away in January we’ll get to see Country Strong – a story about a troubled country star and her manager (Tim). There have been some mixed reviews coming out of Hollywood, but that always seems to be the case when the Hollywood-types review a heavily country influenced movie.

I’m looking forward to the movie and expect it to be great. The songs from the movie are already making waves in the country music world and I’m sure country fans will flock to the movie once it’s released nationwide.

Tim also appears in an upcoming movie called Dirty Girl. Tim’s role appears to be small, but the movie is gaining some big attention at the festival circuit already. It’s the story of a troubled or misunderstood girl that heads out on a road trip with an unlikely companion. It’s all set in the ’80s and it looks really interesting.

Next up on Tim’s list of movies is the thriller Safe House set to start filming this February. The cast includes Ryan Reynolds and the action star Denzel Washington himself. It won’t be out until 2012, but Tim will be busy filming the movie for a few months depending on the size of his role.

Tim has taken a few character type roles in big Hollywood movies. It’s only a matter of time before he starts taking those leading roles in big movies. He’s got the acting chops and while it takes away from his time spent on music he seems to be able to handle both roles.

More power to him for doing it all.


Tim only has a few tour dates schedule as of right now for 2011, but there are sure more to follow. He’s been steady on the touring circuit for years and frequently brings in the big bucks. When he heads out with wife Faith Hill the two usually break records for attendance.


I’m expecting a resurgence from Tim in the form of some new great studio material. In the past when people have counted Tim out in the music world he’s always worked even harder and come out with amazing music. I expect that to happen again in 2011. It’s really not much of a prediction. Tim’s been impressing people with his music for 15 years now and it shouldn’t be expected to change now.

Tim has a couple new movies coming out in 2011 featuring him as one of the main characters. Then in 2012 he’ll have the action thriller with two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. There appears to be no slowing down the rising film star Tim McGraw in 2011.

Beyond music and acting there is always the question as to what Tim wants to do with his love of politics. He’s mentioned politics numerous times in interviews. He mentioned wanting to run for governor one day in Tennessee. The presidential elections will come in 2012, but the campaigning will start hot and heavy around the end of 2011. Will Tim be heavily involved in the happenings in the political world? Probably not, but we never know.

Tim McGraw is at a crossroads in 2011.

Fans must be on the edge of their seat wondering where he’ll take things in the new year.

I know I’m certainly curious.

What do you think 2011 holds in store for Tim McGraw?

Bonus Video: Felt Good On My Lips

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  1. Monique says

    Prediction from me?

    I hope in 2011 he splits from Faith and marries me! :) Nah, never happen! LOL

  2. says

    Well Tim McGraw has always been a amazing artist, singer, performer and actor. As a die-hard fan, I’ll keep it nice- I’m so glad he’s away from Curb Records- who has not done anything in the past few years, so why put money in their pockets. Tim McGraw will have a awesome 2011 with new management. As a fan I will there for him.!!!

  3. Beth says

    I went to the concert in Raleigh NC and it was GREAT. i have loved Tim since i was 2 and im almost 18. He is and always will be my number one(: the concert the the band perry and luke bryan was the GREATEST!!(:

  4. says

    Great to hear, Beth!

    I need to get to see Tim in concert yet. I keep hearing from his fans that the new Emotional Traffic songs are awesome.

  5. SELLEN says

    Could it be that the reason his greastest hits albums have not sold well because all true fans already have them all. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not about to pay for a CD full of songs I already have just to get one new one. Can’t wait for a new (full) CD.

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