Dear Santa by Tim McGraw

Do you ever have one of those moments when you realize you know very little?

I had one of those moments earlier today when I was driving in my pickup. The radio was on and the station has been playing the occasional Christmas tune. I like this time of year mostly for the songs. One came on the radio from Tim McGraw. Dear Santa was the name of the song and I had never heard it before (save your judgment for the comments). I thought it was the new Christmas song due out from Tim next week. Little did I know that this song has been out a couple years.

Dear Santa – Tim McGraw

Now, I pride myself on being up to date on most things happening in country music. I’m obsessed with most details surrounding all the new country songs being released, but I completely missed the boat on Dear Santa and I’ve been missing out on it for two years.

Tim McGraw BarnHow could this song have been played on country radio for two Christmases and not cross my ears? It’s driving me crazy.

Anyway, I’m glad I had the chance to hear it today because it’s a great song. It’s a sad country song, but it’s great nonetheless. Tim McGraw has always had a knack for picking songs that sound completely new and original yet you feel like it belongs on the radio. His songs make you feel comfortable and you feel like you’ve heard them before even if they’re entirely new (hence my revelation today).

Dear Santa is a great song. The man in the song is begging Santa to take care of his former love. He’s done her wrong and he just wants Santa to fix her heart and fill it with words that he meant to tell her.

Sometimes we forget to say things. We get lackadaisical and the women we love can get fed up and they’ll leave. I think that’s what happened in this song and I’m not sure if they’ll end up together.

Maybe Tim will have another great song coming out in the next couple weeks. I can’t believe I had never heard of this song. I’m still not sure when it was released or on what album. It’s crazy.

If you have more details please let me know.

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  1. monica says

    i feel the same way. i just heard the song for the first time an hour ago at Cracker Barrel. i’m trying to find the song on itunes right now and having a hard time finding it. either way…it is a great song. i very much agree.

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