Tippin’ Point by Dallas Smith

Dallas Smith

Reach your tipping point with Dallas Smith.

There is something about this new country song that has me singing along.

Check out the new one from Dallas Smith

Tippin’ Point – Dallas Smith

He’s got a name that sounds country and Dallas fits right in the rap movement in country music. He comes with a really catchy new song. There is just something about the chorus that has me nodding my head back and forth and playing it back again.

Some people don’t like the rap country movement. It’s a little over the top for some. The lyrics certainly aren’t anything to think about. There aren’t a lot of stories out there in the new genre, but this is about the music.

Sometimes people don’t want to think. They just want to be. Thinking is for what goes on during the week. Sometimes we need a release and that’s what this kind of music is for.

If you’re ready for a good time this new one from Dallas Smith is the song you want playing.

What do you think?

Does this one make you want to dance?

CML Points: 80/100

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