That’s Country by Tobacco Road

Tobacco Road

Here is a cool song from the folks down at Average Joes. They have been putting out some great music for years. I would say they’re still a little bit under the radar when it comes to the mainstream, but if you’re not paying attention to them you’re missing out. Check out this latest song from Tobacco Road featuring Colt Ford. Here isĀ That’s Country.

That’s Country – Tobacco Road

What the team down at Average Joes understands is what a melody and hook is all about.This is another in a long line of catchy songs that throw out all the standard rules about country music to create something really cool. This is the kind of song you turn on when you’re heading out on a Friday night. You’re ready to let loose after a long work week and this is the anthem for the start of the night.

I think that’s where Average Joes succeeds in what they do. They understand the person that is has the name of their label. It’s about the working class folks out there that don’t have time for rules in music. They just have time to turn on some tunes and nod their head to something that sounds good.

This is a good song and it’s great to see that Average Joes continue to break new artists on to the scene. One of these days they’ll get their due, but until then we can enjoy great songs like this one.

CML Points: 80/100

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    Rap is slowly making its way into country, Elwood. Are you ready for it? It’s certainly different than traditional country.

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