Toby Keith is Heading Somewhere Else

Fans love consistency and Toby Keith is consistent.

Toby Keith Bullets In The GunFor the last five years or so Toby has been releasing singles and albums like clockwork. He has the music model pretty well figured out and even with the schedule he still finds ways to release good music. That’s not an easy thing to do.

Right on schedule is the third single from Bullets In The Gun. I would stop short of calling the first two singles a failure, but they haven’t measured up on the charts as well as Toby’s recent singles have. Perhaps that will change with the new tune.

Somewhere Else is the next single. It’s different from the other songs in the top 40 right now and that’s usually a good first step.

The topic of Somewhere Else is familiar – guy loses girl and struggles to figure out his life. There are usual struggles with drinking, searching in the bottle for the answers. When you’re blindsided by lost love drinking always seems to be a safe place to go and figure out the world.

In the case of Somewhere Else I think it’s the song’s melody that saves it from being familiar. The music actually has an upbeat feeling to it despite the despair and sadness in the lyrics. By the end of the song you almost feel optimistic that things will work out eventually. You may not be on the track you once thought you were, but things could still work out just fine on this new path.

Toby has made a career in this business by making songs that stand out on radio. I think this one will accomplish the task of being a hit by being different that anything else.

What do you think?

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