Artist Outlook 2012: Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence is still around.

I’m not sure what happened along the way, but country music has forgotten Tracy Lawrence.

Over the last few years we have missed Tracy on country radio. He’s still got the same deep baritone country voice as always. In fact, it’s his twang that always had me hooked on each one of his songs.

These days Tracy keeps busy by making appearances on TV with cooking shows and other country shows. He’s always out on tour each year with a full schedule of shows and he’s even recording and releasing new material.

It should be another good year for Tracy Lawrence.

Tracy Lawrence 2012

It’s been about five years since Tracy Lawrence topped the charts with Find Out Who Your Friends Are. At the time, Tracy was struggling to make it as the owner of his own record label. Back then there was a push for more independent and artist-owned labels and Tracy actually became the first to have a number one record on his own label.

Since then Tracy has continued releasing great country music, but country radio has kind of forgotten about one of the greats. Tracy is still out there on the road, on TV and on radio with all his classic hits. Most don’t realize what they’re missing with his new music, though.

Here’s a look at what’s been going on with Tracy Lawrence and what might be in store for 2012.

Latest Singles and Album

Earlier in 2011, Tracy released The Singer. The album was great. It had some great tracks including the title track and lead single, The Singer. The song is great. I’m not sure most county fans have heard it, but if not it’s time to get on it and listen. It seems to almost tell the story of Tracy himself. His voice is still in great form.

Tracy is truly one of the greatest voices of all time in country music. Check out that last album and see what you think. It’s one of the great albums from last year and one of the most overlooked as well.

New Music

Tracy released a new single a couple months ago that wasn’t on The Singer┬árecord. Saturday in the South┬áis an uptempo rocking track. The song has images of spending time with friends and family on a Saturday night. It’s about really having fun and tearing it up. It’s a great country rock track that sounds as good as anything on country radio right now.

I’m hoping it’s the lead off to a new record due out later this year. Tracy is out on his own once again with the record business. I think it gives him freedom to make the music he wants and really keep the hits coming continuously. Hopefully there will be another record this year and more great songs to keep the traditional country fans satisfied.

Career Aspirations

Tracy released a series of interesting interviews on his YouTube channel. In one of the recent sessions it was interesting to learn that Tracy really wants to get involved in artist development.

Still young and only in his 40s, Tracy seems to be happy with his life. He’s still making music of his own, which is great, but it would also be great to see his other aspirations come true.


Tracy Lawrence has a busy tour schedule in 2012. Like most country artists, Tracy is always out on the road. It keeps him in front of his fans and keeps a little cash coming in to pay the bills.

One thing I’ve never had the chance to do is see Tracy live. He’s got a few dates coming up this summer in Wisconsin so I’m going to have to make a trip to see him. He’s been one of my favorite artists for quite some time.

I remember riding in the car with my dad sometime back around 1996. At the time, my dad had a cassette (yep…cassette back in those days) of Time Marches On. It was a great album. I would play that thing over and over.

Now it’s time to see the real thing live in concert.

If The World Had a Front Porch (Acoustic)

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