Flashback Friday: It’s A Heartache

For Trick Pony fans it truly was a heartache.

It’s been a few years now since the original three members of Trick Pony have been together. Sometime back around 2006 the group member went their separate ways. Lead vocalist Heidi Newfield left and pursued a pretty successful solo career. Ira Dean became a successful songwriter for other artists in Nashville. And as we read yesterday, Keith Burns is starting to have success as one half of the duo Burns & Poe.

With that article yesterday about Keith’s recent success I thought it was only right to have a Flashback Friday to a classic from Trick Pony. Check out this classic and flashback to the year 2005…

It’s A Heartache – Tricky Pony

Now, [easyazon-link asin=”B0013L8XZO”]It’s A Heartache[/easyazon-link] wasn’t the band’s biggest single. The song reached #22 on the charts back in 2005. That position on the charts usually doesn’t mean anything too big for a band, but Trick Pony was never about reaching the peaks on the charts. They were about putting out good songs and playing an energetic, kick ass live show. If radio didn’t play their songs that was radio’s problem.

Trick PonyTricky Pony always had the unique sound. Heidi’s raspy vocals with the attitude sounded unique on the radio. The band’s overall rock-country sound was ahead of its time back in the early ’00s. The group was unique and they really had a huge fan base during their biggest days.

I’m not sure what really happened between the three members. It seems from the outside Heidi wanted to pursue things on the solo side, which makes sense. When a band has success it usually gives each of the members confidence and if the lead singer has always had dreams of solo success there is usually never a better time to go fit it than when your band is at the top. There may have been some other things going on behind the scenes, but for me it’s best to remember the band for what they did best – create amazing country songs.

[easyazon-link asin=”B0013L8XZO”]It’s A Heartache[/easyazon-link] was a cool song. It was the first time we really heard the yearning and the pain in the voice of Heidi. The track was made for pain. It’s about breaking up and dealing with all the issues in life that make your heart break over and over. Life can be cruel and just when you think you’re at the bottom there is usually even a bit more room to fall further. It’s a cruel game, heartache, and it never seems to let up.

Let’s recap here – we have pain, suffering, heartache, a band breaking up, and eventual success from all three of the former members.

Yep – sounds like a classic country song to me.

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