Upbeat Country Songs To Turn Around That Frown

Upbeat Country Songs

Check out these top country songs with a favorite on the top of the list.

Sometimes when you’re feeling down you just need a few upbeat country songs to turn it all around. There are plenty to choose from, but we could only pick the top 25 upbeat country songs of all time.

These are the CML upbeat country songs, but feel free to add yours to the list in the comments. We want your voice to be heard to so if we missed anything be sure to include it.

Let’s begin.

Upbeat Country Songs

25. Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland

Sugarland kicks things off with one of the most upbeat country songs in recent history. This duo cranked out some great songs during their initial run. They’re settling down now and we’ll see what the future holds after a few babies (not together).

24. Heart Like Mine – Miranda Lambert

Miranda is more of an in-your-face girl, but this song is actually pretty upbeat. It’s about accepting yourself for who you are and enjoying life.

23. Long Hot Summer – Keith Urban

Keith Urban is a pretty upbeat guy these days. We’ll go with this song, another Richard Marx co-write, for the upbeat country songs list, but any of his recent hits could make the list.

22. Drink In My Hand – Eric Church

Eric Church took a different route to stardom, but when this song went all the way to number one on the charts he knew he took the right path. Just a really cool song that makes you want to have fun.

21. 5150 – Dierks Bentley

It’s a little silly, but it’s fun and incredibly catchy. Dierks has been good for quite a few upbeat tracks over the years, but this one seems to be a favorite.

20. Wrapped Up In You – Garth Brooks

Garth was on the tail end of the first stage of his career when this son came out, but it was still an upbeat song. It’s got a really cool groove and it’s all about love.

19. Pontoon – Little Big Town

Get the pontoon ready and let’s hit the water. Little Big Town continues to impress today with huge hits like this one.

18. Walk On Faith – Mike Reid

Don’t forget about this gem from 1990. Mike Reid is one of the successful former NFL players to find a career after football. This was his biggest hit as a singer although he’s had many others as a songwriter. Great song with a great message about life.

17. You – Chris Young

Chris Young has found his romantic side with his hit singles and this one is perhaps the best of the bunch. It’s a great song that makes you feel like you want to be in love. Nothing is more in love than a little romance.

16. Your Man – Josh Turner

This is the song that really took Josh Turner into superstardom. The single became a huge hit and the good natured romantic side of country was shown with this deep voiced country singer. Great song that just makes you smile.

15. Chicks Dig It – Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle was one of the original country rockers when he first came out. This song was a huge hit partly because Chris was a little wild. It’s a great song with some really upbeat outlooks on enjoying life and impressing the girls.

14. I’m Still A Guy – Brad Paisley

The beat is a little more laid back on this track, but it’s still an upbeat song. Sometimes we just have to accept who we are be happy with that. That’s an upbeat mood.

13. Dust On The Bottle – David Lee Murphy

Even today the beat of this song gets people up and ready to rock. David Lee Murphy was a great artist and continues to write great country songs today for country stars.

12. Kick A Little – Little Texas

Little Texas really brought some good music back in their heyday. This song gets you up and moving like no other. Great song right here.

11. Big Dreams In A Small Town – Restless Heart

You can’t go wrong with some Restless Heart. They really had a huge career in the ’80s and ’90s and this was one of their most upbeat songs.

10. Boots On – Randy Houser

A real rocker right here. Throw those boots on and toss those worries aside. We’re all going out tonight to have some fun.

9. My Heart Is Sittin’ On Go – Bryan White

Don’t forget about Bryan White. For a few years he was huge including a few upbeat country songs. This was always one of the favorites and it still gets tons of airplay today.

8. Any Man of Mine – Shania Twain

This song was HUGE. Shania Twain became an overnight sensation and she hasn’t looked back. This song is sassy and sometimes you need to get sassy to get upbeat.

7. Country Girl (Shake It For Me) – Luke Bryan

You know you want to get out there and shake it. Luke Bryan said he just wanted to write a song that made people want to dance. There is nothing more upbeat than that.

5. Dixieland Delight – Alabama

Alabama was all about enjoying the simple, but good life with this track. It was really something special and has held up really well over the years. Great song from the greatest band in country history.

4. All I Wanna Do – Sugarland

Catchiest song of all time? It’s possible. You really can’t get more upbeat than Sugarland.

3. What’s It To You – Clay Walker

From the opening notes this song is ready to go. You can’t slow it down as it kicks through 3 minutes of nothing but great music. Clay Walker was off the races with this single and it’s still a great upbeat country song today.

2. My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean

In rock music it’s Welcome To The Jungle that is the ultimate concert opener song. For country music it doesn’t get better than My Kinda Party. Jason Aldean really brought it home with this rocking country track.

1. Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

When things don’t work out you can just grab a snow cone and still have a good night. This song was a real treat when it came out and twenty years later we’re still loving it. Great stuff from Alan Jackson here. A truly upbeat country song.

Now it’s your turn. Add your favorites to the comments.

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