Walker Hayes Likes Pants

Walker HayesWho doesn’t love to have fun once and a while?

Newcomer Walker Hayesis giving people reason to laugh with his debut single Pants. The song is causing quite a stir at radio as the racy lyrics take a fun approach to women wearing the pants in most households.

The song is about a guy that realizes his woman is the one who wears the pants. She cracks the whip. She runs the show. She even screams and hollers. She even picks out his clothes and decides when he can go fishing.

What guy can’t relate?

But Walker doesn’t really mind all that much if his woman wears the pants…as long as he gets to take ’em off her.

Funny right?

Well, I think most men are liking the song and I’m sure the women out there can find the sense of humor in the song. It’s not meant to be serious. The song is definitely meant to be a tongue-in-cheek look at how things work in life.

The song is peppy and upbeat and it certainly makes for a good laugh. It’s hovering right around the top 40 on the charts right now and seems to have enough steam to become a hit for the new country artist.

It’s hard to breakout as a new singer in Nashville. Sometimes you need to create a little controversy to get people talking.

I think Pantswill acomplish that for Walker Hayes.

What are your thoughts on the song?

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  1. says

    Love this song! Hey, I think if girls get to make a few decisions and crack a whip every now and then, men can do whatever they wish with the pants. Haha! Great article, as always.

  2. KJ says

    I really love this song! And I’m female! Ha! I really like the sound that Walker Hayes has in this song too. It is peppy, energetic, and yes, very fun. It picks me up everytime I hear it on the radio, which is becoming more and more often. I hope they don’t play it into the ground, but I can see it becoming a fast favorite here in Houston, TX.

  3. says

    Hey KJ – I’ve been hearing it more on the radio too. I think it’s becoming a hit heading into the new year. Just a fun song that can’t be taken too seriously :)

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