Whiskey In My Water by Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr is looking for a followup hit to his big single.

Tyler Farr finally had his first breakout hit.

The song took him to the top of charts. Now he’s a legit country star.

The only challenge is to keep the hits coming and I think he’s got a pretty good one for the followup. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Whiskey In My Water – Tyler Farr

I was trying to figure out the direction this hook was going to go early in the song. You have a guy taking his girl out for a good old romantic country night out. As you listen to the first part of the song you’re wondering what direction the song will take.

It turns out the song compares the girl to whiskey. Without it the guy has a pretty bland and boring life. With the girl in his life it all becomes that much better and even a little bolder.

The hook is good in the song and the music keeps your feet tapping. It’s definitely more romantic thanĀ Redneck Crazy, which was a fun song. I think this will continue to establish Tyler as a country star.

He’s likely been working his whole life to get to this point and it seems that he’s not going to let it go by fading away. This could be the beginning of a strong country career.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #10

CML Points: 82/100

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