Jealous Heart by Whiskey Shivers

Whiskey Shivers

From the Edge, it’s Whiskey Shivers.

The band name Whiskey Shivers is really great. I’m not sure why I love the name, but it’s really interesting. It just kind of sticks with you. So the band has that going for them right out of the gate.

Anyway, this song was shared over on CMT Edge. I really like that site. It has a cool, modern design and the music they share on are ones you probably wouldn’t otherwise hear from country artists that are just on the edge of the mainstream sound.

So here is the new one from Whiskey Shivers. This is a live version.

Jealous Heart – Whiskey Shivers

The bluegrass comes through right from the beginning. The playing is there and the sound is right on course. You hear the melodies the entire time. It adds depth to the song and makes it something even more interesting.

Jealousy has always been an interesting topic for country music. We’ve had jealous lovers doing crazy things throughout the history of the genre and that’s again the topic in this song.

The story really, though, is the osund of the song. It’s great to hear good songs like this that you’ll never hear on radio, but we get to listen to it on CMT Edge and right here on CML.

What do you think?

CML Points: 80/100

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