50 Best Songs About a Woman

It’s quite possible that country music would not exist if it were not for the relations between men and women.

Country artists – particularly male country artists – have been writing and performing songs about woman since the beginning. The songs have covered every emotion a woman can take others through in life. There are songs about love, resilience, frustration, toughness, beauty, and every other wonder there is concerning the women in the world.

Let’s great right into the list of the best 50 songs about a woman in country music history…

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50 Best Songs About a Woman

50) Tough – Craig Morgan

Craig MorganCraig Morgan is the twangy country singer that has strung together a strong resume of hits over his career. In 2007, Morgan had a #11 hit with the song dedicated to the woman in his life with Tough. The song tells the story about Craig’s wonder with how resilient his woman is. The hook of the song is that Morgan thought he was tough, but in reality he realizes that his wife is the one that takes whatever life gives her in stride and keeps things together. While Craig didn’t have a hand in writing the tune there is obviously much connection between the singer and the song. There are many men today that are pretty tough, but there are plenty of strong women out there that put up with a lot of things life has to throw at them…especially men.

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49) God Love Her – Toby Keith

Toby KeithAt the tail end of 2008, Toby Keith had his first gold single in 3 years with the song God Love Her. The song tells the story of a young woman, raised by a religious father, that falls in love with a bit of a rebel guy. The song is uptempo and rip-roaring as Toby lays down his aggressive style on the track. The song became a #1 hit for Toby as fans loved the story of the girl that falls in love with and changes the bad boy. It seems to be every woman’s dream to live this story so there is no doubting why Toby’s song connected with so many. The song’s melody is also catchy and fun to sing along with. For Toby Keith God Love Her is another great song in a long line of signature songs.

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48) Waitin’ On A Woman – Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyOriginally released on his Time Well Wasted album, Brad Paisley released Waitin’ On A Woman as the 5th single off his album 5th Gear in 2008. The song would go on to be one of many #1 hits for Paisley. Waitin’ On A Woman became a favorite for both men and women as they connected with the song’s story of a guy spending much of his life waiting for the love of his life to join him in various activities. The hook of the song is that waiting for the wonderful women in the world is well worth it as the time spent together is what makes for the best memories. Men seem to love the song as they can relate to playing the waiting game and women seem to like the song because it gives a bit of reason for their ability to make men wait for them.

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47) XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl) – Trisha Yearwood

Released at the end of 1994 as the lead off single from her Thinkin’ About You album, XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl) became a #1 hit for the wonderful Trisha Yearwood. The song would go on to become a signature song for Yearwood in a career that has seen many songs connect with millions of adoring fans. The song tells the story of a girl growing up with much ambition and drive to succeed in the world on her own terms. It’s the ultimate song for women everywhere that are living the American Dream of succeeding in life. The song is catchy and easy to sing along with as Trisha’s voice is accompanied by violins that serenade listeners throughout the song. In a list that will be dominated by men, Trisha earns a spot with her great tune XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl).

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46) The Strong One – Clint Black

Clint BlackFor Clint Black to record a song he had not written or co-written was a big step. Since his career took of in 1989, Clint had only recorded and released songs he had had a hand in writing. The formula was successful as Clint soared to the top of the country world immediately and sustained his success throughout the ’90s. However, in 2007 Clint recorded a song that was from outside songwriters. The song was The Strong One and it became Clint’s highest charting single in 4 years as it climbed into the top 40 on the charts. Clint knew the song was special and he had to record it. The Strong One tells the story about the love of woman that is strong in the way she conquers life. It’s a universal story that many can connect with and love. And for Clint Black, The Strong One remains a special mark in his successful career.

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45) She’s Country – Jason Aldean

Jason AldeanTo kick off his third album, Jason Aldean released the heavy country rocking tune She’s Country. The song and album turned out to be a bit of a career album for Aldean. She’s Country went on to become a #1 song for Aldean. The video for the song featured many women that can be defined by their country lifestyle. From cowboy boots to a hard-working life, the women in the country world are strong, tough, and cool. She’s Country captured the style of these women and Jason Aldean put his mark on the song with hard working guitar chords and his unique vocals. Aldean’s career is just kicking into high gear and a main reason for his transition into stardom has been She’s Country. It may just become one of his signature songs when he gets time to look back on his career.

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44) She Wouldn’t Be Gone – Blake Shelton

Blake SheltonBlake Shelton‘s career has been up and down for the past ten years. He broke out onto the scene in a big way in 2001 with his debut single Austin. Following singles were a mixed bag as some hit the top spot again and others found there way into the lower parts of the country singles charts. At the tail end of 2008 Blake had his first ever back to back #1 hit experience when his single She Wouldn’t Be Gone reached the top spot. The song would go on to become his 2nd gold single. The song is about a woman that got away as the narrator thinks about all the things he could have done to keep her. It’s a common feeling for men when they lose someone to think about how they got complacent in their relationships. Being a common theme among men the feelings have been put into many songs about great women that foolish men let get away. She Wouldn’t Be Gone is Blake’s take on the one that got away.

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43) Hell On The Heart – Eric Church

Eric ChurchBy 2009, newcomer Eric Church had been steadily building his career as a rocking country rebel. After being kicked off a major Rascal Flatts tour Eric hit the road doing a series of rock club shows around the US. The strategy paid off as Eric built his fanbase of hardcore fans. As the latter part of 2009 kicked in Eric was riding high on the success of the 2nd single off his 2nd album. Hell On The Heart reached #10 on the country singles charts and became Eric’s 2nd top ten single in a row. The song is about a woman that is gorgeous, fun to be with, but that can be a bit of a burn on the heart at times. There is often trade-off when it comes to being with a wonderful woman. Eric Church captures that trade-off situation with one of his biggest singles to date Hell On The Heart.

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42) All-American Girl – Carrie Underwood

Carrie UnderwoodSince winning American Idol, Carrie Underwood has ruled the country music world. She is perhaps the greatest female performer in country music history. All of her singles to date have reached the top spot of the singles chart save one (Don’t Forget To Remember Me). To kick off 2008 Carrie released the song All-American Girl. The song is a fun, uptempo tune about the life of a growing girl. The song follows the girl from childhood into adulthood. The tune serves as a reminder to all that girls in American truly are special for their many wonderful traits. Kind, beautiful, active with friends, family and community – the all-American girl label could easily fit the successful Underwood. The song reached #1 on the charts and is one of Carrie’s fans’ favorites thus far in her young career.

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41) Whatever It Is – Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown BandAlmost out of nowhere the Zac Brown Band shot onto the country music scene in late 2008 with their debut single Chicken Fried. The catchy tune went to #1 and vaulted the band into the forefront of the country world. As a follow-up to the debut single ZBB released the beautiful tune Whatever It Is. The song is about a woman in the life of the narrator. He isn’t quite sure what is so wonderful about her, but he knows he loves her and that means she has whatever it is that makes him feel special. Music has long been a way for typically reserved men to share their feelings about the women they love. Whatever It Is is a song that tells women what they so want to hear from the men in their lives – that they love them with all their hearts and they belong together.

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